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Sell Tickets presents a paramount solution to help you create event tickets, get the web ticket sales on track and record the details while selling tickets online. 
  1. Instant Payment: Instant and direct payment in your PayPal and Google Checkout accounts after selling tickets online. Event Organizers can use their existing PayPal or Google Checkout accounts or they can create instant account with PayPal or Google Checkout
  2. Attendees are not required to open a PayPal or Google Checkout account to pay with credit card.
  3. Currency: For web ticket sales multiple currency options are available to eliminate hurdles from the location preferences of the event. You can also edit the currency details any time during the event duration. 
  4. Sales Report: As you sell tickets online, you can track instant and updated web ticket sales report including attendee details and event sale details. intimates you with an email alert on every attendee registration and ticket purchase (Available with Premium Service). 
  5. Customize Ticket: Choose to customize your event tickets as per the categories or ticket value or any other criteria (Senior Citizen, Discount, Kids etc). Create multiple event ticket types for the same event. 
  6. Offline Payment: While selling tickets online you can also accept payments offline from attendees via, Check, Pay Order or Door Collection. You can manage the collection of offline payment with online payment report. 
  7. Fee: EB Basic Service is absolutely free and For EB premium services, the nominal charges may be added to the ticket value; however, the attendee will see the value as “zero” on the ticket page. Check out our Fee Calculator page to know the Fees

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