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Eventsbot provides ideal functionalities to support online promotion of your event. Not only to make it SEO friendly but to make to more accessible to public. Some features listed below to better understand the key factors that drive the need for multitasking performance of eventsbot. 
  • E Ticket: eventsbot generates e-ticket to attendee’s by email. For those who have made payment (in case of paid event) or registered themselves in case of Free event, will receive the confirmation email ticket. 
  • Eeventsbot Support System: eventsbot customer support available in Email or Phone call for support. 
  • Promotion: Promote your event online including optimization in search engines and in eventsbot event directories. 
  • Reporting System: Registration at eventsbot is supported by a database of all participants, with the latest update. 
  • Unique URL Address: Create your unique URL ”address” for your Event page and choose to link this to your personal website. 
  • Organizer Details: The Event Organizer may choose to hide/show his contact details on the event page for the attendee. 
  • Event Privacy: Password protect your event to enable only your invitees to view the event with password. This will protect the privacy of the event. 
  • Attendee Report: You may choose to display the attendee details on the event page. 
  • Ticket Balance Status: Display the ticket status on the event page, it is beneficial when you have good sales of tickets as this attracts more attendees.

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