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eventsbot gives you flexibility to manage your events the ideal way with its multiple features. It allows the organizer to review, add, remove or change any event detail, infact edit events even after they are live! 
  • Email Notification: Inform attendee’s about an event with customized email. Maintain and manage your contact details in your POP3 Email Box. Allows attendee’s to RSVP the event invitation. 
  • Event Summary: View updated display of event details, ticket sale status and the collection from sale of tickets. Receive email intimation on ticket sale. 
  • Editable Event: Event details, event date, the layouts, colors, organizer contact information are all editable any time during the event period.
  • Save Event: You can create and save event, publish it later as per your convenience. This is a planned solution to event creation. 
  • Copy Event: Ideal feature to repeat similar events, just change the event date /location details, if any and publish the event. 
  • Cancel/ Delete Event: You may cancel or delete an event any time, this will remove it from the event listing. You may choose to cancel it or even delete to remove from database. This information will not be for public view. 
  • Order Report: You may view the ticket sale report online or download it in PDF/ excel. eventsbot provides updated report on your tickets sold for the event, with status of balance tickets also. 
  • Customize Confirmation Mail: Personalize your mail to attendee’s. This could be used to send special personalized mails to loyal attendee’s.

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