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Creating events online has never been so effortless, with eventsbot the entire process of online Event creation begins from rapid sign up to publishing the event. 
  • Free and Simple online registration: Sign up in less than 2 minutes followed by choice to use between EB Free and Eb Premium Account and start creating event. EB Free is more of a preface to our services and EB Premium offers additional personalization and advanced features on event page. Learn More 
  • Track Event Location: Once you have provided your event location details, track the location of the event - Map Quest, Yahoo and Google. 
  • Multiple Event Date: Create Event for multiple days, this is ideal for events which repeat in a uniformed pattern. You can choose to repeat the event on daily , weekly or monthly basis. 
  • Customized Registration: Want to create instant Event, don’t have time to design layouts then check out our easy to use -good to look sample templates and layouts available ( only for EB Premium account). Just pick them , enter event details and you are set to publish your event. (snapshot)  
  • Upload Logo and Graphics: Upload an image/logo to the event. Add or change color for the event page as per your choice.  
  • Single Page Event Editor: eventsbot premium and unique feature is the Single Page Event Editor which gives you all the above features to be created and edited in a single page! All you need to do is to enter details and move to next page to publish it. 
  • Save Details: Create event in advance and save it. You can make changes or publish it at your convenience.

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