February 2017

February 13, 2017

Modern day event requirements have evolved and that has totally created a huge demand for technically advanced solutions to manage the whole process in a streamlined way. Before getting to the point that which is the best event management software, it has to be considered that every business has distinct needs and thus call for different features in a given software, not one fits all the needs.

Although there might be different tools and features that might be a factor for popularity of a particular EMS, these 3 are the chief motivators for using diverse software solutions available:

An ultimate time saver

Undoubtedly an ultimate time savior, EMS has become the need of the new age event planners.

Rather than managing relationships with many different vendors, you’ll be able to focus on the important parts of planning an event, like improving attendee experience. Organizers who choose separate platforms to manage registration, the event website, attendee networking, email marketing, and social media, might find themselves being inefficient.

 An integrated platform to deal with all the event needs

All in one platforms have given the independence to the event planners and the organizers to derive the different relationships with an analytical backing to provide a perfect blend of the efforts to provide the best outcome and maximum customer satisfaction.

Increase ticket registration or sales

With the help of an integrated platform, event organizers have got an opportunity to now increase their tickets registrations and sales. The inclusion of various marketing tools in the new age EMS has also added certain features which help on popularizing events across social media and driving the audience to your events.

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February 08, 2017

Venue selection is one of the major decisions while planning a conference of business meeting. Here are few tips to help in you selection:


One of the deciding factors in maximizing the event attendance is the venue accessibility. If the conference involves VIPs or esteemed delegates, make sure it is located near to the chief airport. Also, confirm that there is ample parking or valet services for attendees who chose to drive to the venue. Additionally, Make sure that there are restaurants or other attractions nearby that are open either pre or post event to maximize additional event networking opportunities. Also check if transportation services are easily available.

It is also important to check if the selected venue is suitable to the proposed event’s image. Be careful of the stakeholders and the sponsors. Also remember to check if some other events are there on the same date so as to avoid the clash of branding messages.


Another most important element before finalizing the venue is to check whether it meets the budget constraints.


Check for the available components which you would be getting along the venue. Also check which are free and for which you are expected to pay. The requirements may include audiovisual equipment, stages, and microphones, You also have to be mindful of the set-up capacities, paying specific attention to seating arrangements and sponsor areas, as well as if you’ll have the ability to engage outside vendors and utilize break-out rooms.

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