December 2016

December 30, 2016

Event management software have become one of the necessities in today’s event business. They help the organizers with easy planning and streamlined operations, along with being a source of dependable CRM for the companies.

Here are few ways where you can leverage the event CRM to drive the sales figure for the company:

Engagement with the prospective customers:

Re-sales is very important as it’s about prospecting, qualifying and nurturing leads. Every time you spark a conversation, be it an email, a message, a Facebook comment, etc., you will want to record it and evaluate the sales-readiness of the attendee.

A dependable source for data:

An integrated CRM allows you to look at a list of potential invitees and then select them as targets for event registration forms, so they are always aware of upcoming events and feel valued to be contacted. This may make them more likely to feel loyal to your brand and register.

Easy access to information:

Events could be about informing customers of a new product or keeping customers updated of the latest technological happening. Keeping a list of all the events that each of your client has attended will help Sales engage in an intelligent conversation with their client.

Being prepared does matter. Planning is the art of putting things in order and optimally meeting demands with the available resources. Use your planning software, bring together your team towards the common goal and with everything in order, you too will enjoy the flow and ultimately the success of your business conference. Get your events register with clients through Events Bot, event creator online software.

December 28, 2016

Flexibility and easy management of the things are the two predominant factors which have popularized the Event Management software voraciously. It is the burgeoning popularity only which has led to the emergence of a great many players in a bit competitive market, making available a lot of innovative options to the professionals who are result oriented and aim for perfection.

What does Events Bot mean for your event?

Events Bot, as it is known popularly, is one of the trusted free online event planning software which helps in the integration of efforts through a structured approach. The software allows the easy transmission of information in form of virtual data communication through a single platform. Event managers have been witnessing empowerment in form of online registration and information dissemination across channels.

The system enables the event planners to communicate all the relevant information to the attendees. On the one hand, all the necessary information regarding to the event is provided to the people who require it. The added features like sending email reminders works in favor of planners who aim to make their events a big hit. Businesses handling multiple events can also customize the mails by event and ensure that the pertinent information is delivered in the way it is required. The system goes a long way by enabling the planners to receive feedback from the attendees providing the ways to improve the experience in the future. In all the software provides a full packaged deal for the event planners who want to excel in their craft and want to progress with each event.

We are in the age of technology but some events may still require faxing documents or do not have a direct payment gateway for making payments. In such cases, online event software can be very useful and they provide with complete assistance to set up complex event registration.

December 27, 2016

It is often noticed that people get confused about which solution or online software to opt for managing the event needs. To deal with this, it is best to start by researching through some of the basic background information and reviews on the service provider. You may even start by reading online reviews on some of the third party websites which give a broader idea with regards to the reliability of the vendor. Make a proper investigation about who all their clients are and for how long the company has been in the event management business. If possible, do establish if they work mostly with associations or with the corporate clients.

Next step to follow is jotting down the requirements and expectations while cross checking the list with what you are being offered in the event planning software. If you succeed in finding a perfect match then just get ready to roll on with the event management process. Most of the online event planning software feature an in-built online event registration platform along with numerous tools that facilitate client satisfaction. The available tools allow the event organizer to design and publish an event registration form with-in minutes and keep a track of the attendees. Make sure, your event planning software features every element for a successful corporate event.

Being prepared does matter. Planning is the art of putting things in order and optimally meeting demands with the available resources. Use your planning software, bring together your team towards the common goal and with everything in order, you too will enjoy the flow and ultimately the success of your business conference. Good luck for the job!

Consider the services of the best free online corporate event scheduling software, Events Bot and experience the difference in results.

December 26, 2016

Seminars, meetings….

Corporate events have always been a place of budding ideas. Like other events, there is a lot of effort that goes into planning and organizing.

So, here is a quick insight into some of the biggest points that will help you to get your events set up for diversified success.

Gather a team

The foremost thing that you need to be sure about is that the team you intend to work with must have knowledge about the importance of diversity for an event. This involves putting a framework and guide on what the team actually needs to know. Start with reading metrics on diversity and inclusion in order to become educated on what is happening around. Your team must know your stance on diversity and what all they need to practice to accommodate all. The team you plan to work with should have diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, personalities and genders for a mixed bag of knowledge and ideas.

Logistics should be handled carefully

Once your team is well organized, start planning about how to get your event in right order. This involves thinking of creative and exciting ideas that can be added to bring in diversity into your event. You must also well plan about the scheduling conflicts when it comes to logistics. Regardless of the genre of your event, you surely need to keep your attendees in mind. When deciding upon the date, make sure to avoid any major religious holiday and festival. Also, try and implement few topics on diversity when thinking about your event agenda.

Get the queries handled properly

If you want to make sure that your attendees are completely satisfied, just see that all their needs are met. Ask them specific questions during the registration process, also the registration must be simple for the potential attendees. Make special arrangements where people may put in their specific requirements that they might need for obvious reasons.

Enjoy all the features of free corporate event scheduling software. Events Bot is a custom made application for professional and amateur event managers. It comes with all the qualities that you need to schedule, promote and evaluate your events.