Are you ready for another conference to be organized under your brand auspices? It can stand out and strengthen the image of your business if everything goes well and to make sure that it does, here are few things to follow:

Fortify the social angle – Using your conference management software, you can popularize the event on social media accounts, your monthly newsletter and emails. Promote a hashtag on your website blog section.

Include a theme – It is a creative practice to organize events by theme. Attendees like to go for events that are in tune with certain ideas. For instance if your conference is being organized at the beginning of autumn, the season can be the theme for décor and refreshments.

Create continuity – If conferences are regularly organized by your company, it is good to connect one with the next. With this your attendees can see the bigger picture and consider the series as a whole, rather than as segregated components. To unite events you can create a networking community through your event management software and platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also host a review on Google Hangouts, or develop a newsletter to inform subscribers on the speakers, workshops, and other highlight at each event.

Try incorporating these points for the conference and get involved with your attendees to solicit their feedback too.