The right type of marketing can ensure that an event garners the most relevant and the most number of audience for your event. It can help create a wow factor and buzz around your event and earn for you registrations that are involved and engaged in your event.

A multi-pronged marketing effort can ensure that the attendees are talking pre, during and post event about your brand.
Email marketing is huge today with more than 75% of brands making use of this tool for event promotion. But only 50% of these are able to use the medium successfully.

1. Make good use of an online email marketing system to manage your email database effectively.
2. Comply with CAM SPAM regulations and privacy regulations and give the user choice to opt out of the mailing updates.
3. Design an email that is in synchronization with your company culture, brand image and event objective.
4. Make use of online event management system, to maximize registrations by the effective use of email management, automate emails, update email accounts and more online modules.
5. Constantly review email reports to see and assess click rates and bounce patterns to further optimize the campaign.

You can also test and tweet your email campaign across other online platforms to ensure maximum online visibility. Use free event registration software to invite more people to your event.