Event planner!

One of the most demanding and evolving job. One has to be quite adept at becoming a part of this evolution in order to stay relevant in this job. Fortunately the modern day era is full of tools and technical advanced conference registration software which make the process an enriching experience for the planners. Before you take the plunge, here are few traits which make Modern day event planners a different tribe than its predecessors:

In love with Data

Data should be the best friend of the Event planners. Every decision should be made based on facts and figures. The necessity translates into the need to identify ways to quantify and learn from the efforts as a planner. Modern Event planners always use quantifiable metrics to determine the decisions in order to have real impact.

Incorrigible Lister

One of the traits which is particular to the Event planners is their love for lists. They usually think in terms of checklists, bullet points and action items. But that might not be the case for everyone involved in the planning process. When delegating tasks, ask your team to rephrase what’s being asked in the form of a list to ensure that absolutely nothing is being misunderstood.

Make events green again

The 2016 Event planners are shifting more towards greener alternatives. Increasing number of planners are asking for greener and more sustainable options available and integrating into their events. This can actually become one of the selling points of the events.

Be creative

One of the most important trait in a successful event planner is to never lose sight of creativity around. Stay creative by looking inspiration outside of the event world.

Never Stop learning

Investing in knowledge acquisition always works in favor of your professional growth. Volunteering time with industry organization or signing up events and trade shows can bring about a great deal of knowledge building.