As an event planner for your company you have got loads to do to have the event planned and executed just right! So what step are you at? Charted out your selection criteria for the venue? Let us look at the factors which will help us identify the right selection parameter for your event.

Firstly, give a thorough vetting to the events objectives and the requirements. Is it an employee retreat or a networking set up for business professionals? Is it a large convention or a multifaceted conference? Is it an educational session or a company’s annual day celebrations? Once you have decided the objective of the event, the style of the event immediately becomes clear.

Once you know the style of the event, you can easily decide on listing the right venue or the business center. Ask questions like if the venue reflects the culture and the ethos of the company and if it is a business meet – does it convey a sense of pride or if it is too opulent?

These questions will help you pin-point the venue for the event making you choose the best event location.

These questions will lead you to important defining parameters like: total space requirement, logistic need of audio/visual equipment, availability of technical support, risers and podiums, need and availability of breakout rooms, outside function space, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. These questions are important especially when the business meet has external attendees and reflect upon the company standards.

Also see if the venue offers space for branding, or monitors for digital branding. Again, food and beverage and option of engaging external caterers should be explores for best results.

Lastly do not overshoot the budget and remain focused at the event’s objectives. To achieve that, there are free resources available online like the free event scheduling software – eventsbot. The program helps you concentrate on your objectives of the event while automating an online RSVP, ticket sales, seat confirmations and more for your event.