February 2016

February 22, 2016

It is most of the times very hard to be creative and unique to the core while attempting to promote and execute an event contest. No wonder, contests can be exciting, encouraging and creative ways to deliver an incredible event experience to the attendees. Though it is important to plan the contests properly as most of the contests can end pretty quickly, and most importantly – they can change the facet of the entire event.

One of the greatest ideas for all the event planners is to do brainstorming and thinking out of the box. The planners must sit with the entire team once every month to come up with new and fresh contest ideas that can attract a great chunk of audiences. The event attendees very soon get tired of the same very old contests of entering in for a chance to win exciting gifts as most of these contests come across as mediocre and not well thought out.

One thing that industry experts believe must be kept in mind is making sure that the contest theme correlates with the overall event theme. The last thing that any event planner would want for the attendees is to see them walking around while questioning what in the world is the contest all about! So, it is important to map every piece of an event into one overarching theme.

February 01, 2016

It’s obvious – the event mangers who keep moving up the success curve are focused, resolute and decisive. They plan well and have a well defined strategy to stick to their plans. We know that working on time management too brings success only when one is determined not to lose focus.

And how do decisive event managers practice this trait? Here are their three typical habits that you too can inculcate:

Do only what you are good at: This seems a little negative at first thought but being a jack of all trades really gets you nowhere. Single -tasking is the new multi-tasking. If you focus on one thing – the one that you are best at and have practical experience of, success will eventually follow. In a team of event coordinators, each member should be assigned a specific task that she/he is most competent for.

Keep a diary of your ideas: An idea can strike anywhere – when you are working on your desk, when you are in the kitchen or simply spending some leisure time in your garden. At the end of the day or anytime that suits you personally, it is wise to jot the best ones in your diary. They may come handy in the organization and promotion of your next event.

Use technology: Everyone is doing that to save time, efforts and money. We make payments online, do banking transactions and keep in touch with friends through customized digital technology. Why not have a free event planning software online? It can save you lot of time that is spent on doing repetitive or tricky tasks.

Keep planning, promoting and optimizing events. Stay tuned for more updates.