October 2015

October 31, 2015

The world is a small place and very fast it is transforming into a global village. People from different cultures and backgrounds are interacting with each other like they have never done before. Advancements in the field of science and technology have further acted like catalysts in this human effort to communicate with each other irrespective of religions, nationalities and languages. Internet is one such development that has given a wonderful opportunity to the people to easily communicate with each other and that too from within the confines of their homes or offices. Just a few clicks of the mouse can help you connect with the person you wish to talk too. One domain that has benefited tremendously by the prowess of the internet is the event management.

Now with the presence of internet the organizers can do all their requisite works just on the net. Things such as the online registration of the event, planning an event, promoting an event, making and collecting payments can be easily done online. The availability of the event scheduling software has given a further impetus to the online event registration and management. The software is easy to use and can be used to plan all kinds of events whether big or small. It offers free events registration, and expedites the process of promotion and management of events. The events to be organized could be any such as tradeshows, seminars, conferences, meetings, award functions, and musical concerts.

One of the best features of the event scheduling software is that it allows for free online registration from anywhere in the world and at any time. Thus by making use of this software the event planners would do themselves a lot of good.

October 28, 2015

Often corporate events are derailed just because the planners or organizers refuse to pay heed to some common sense advices. As a successful event planner if you are interested in growing your business, it is a must to walk fine in line and follow all the professionals advises. Here are few popular wrong moves to avoid when planning a corporate event for the clients.

Wrong Location

It might sound a bit odd for many, but when planning a corporate event, keep in mind the transition times and traffic patterns of the nearby locations of the venue. Nobody ever likes to strike on a highway because of the predictable weather or heavy traffic jams. It is a good practice to encourage clients to plan their arrival and movements well in advance.

Wrong Budget

It is a must for the event planners to enlighten their corporate clients about the budget of the entire event. It should neither be so low nor too high, it needs’ to be just perfect. There is no harm in letting the clients know about how their budget is unrealistic and how it must be changed for better and improved results.

Wrong Timeframe

This is among the most common mistakes that event planners often make. To avoid making a wrong move next time, the planners must motivate clients to either cut content or increase the length of their conference so that the desired activities are included.