May 2015

May 29, 2015

With a constant rise and sheer competition in the event management industry, it becomes a mandate to get adapted to advancements in the field. Many online event planning software products have come up with innovative features to streamline the work for an overall participant satisfaction. Online ticket booking is one of the greatest revolutions in the industry that aims at helping the organizers in an incredible manner. Here’s how:

  • Online ticket booking is an excellent alternative to purchasing physical tickets. This helps in eliminating the various hassles which come concurrently when selling tickets through volunteers or local outlets. Moreover, the organizers do not have to drive around town to distribute the tickets.
  • With online ticket booking, the organizers can keep a constant track on the tickets being sold. You can get instant reports displaying the exact number of tickets sold at any given time period. Many tools even make it possible to download EXCEL spreadsheets with complete details of attendees.
  • Efficient accounting and collection is no doubt one of the most prominent as well as admired benefit of online ticket booking. Now organizers can get rid of problems associated with collecting and accounting for cash payments or checks from individual customers. Moreover, you do not have to pursue volunteers/outlets all over the city to collect payment for the sold tickets.
  • The instant benefit of making ticket booking online is increased sales. Many clients delay their ticket purchase for end moment following to the hassles involved in purchasing tickets at the retail outlets. With online registration, it becomes easier for and more people to buy tickets in advance. Also, by purchasing tickets in advance, the customers are more likely to attend a particular event.
May 27, 2015

Online registration of an event has considerably caught the fancy of masses, with more than half of event organizers using online event planning software. Some of these software products are replete with multiple-benefit tools and features that play a vital part in making an event successful. Moreover, many planners even scratch the surface in terms of the potential benefits to find the best software. The points below cover some of the tools and features that are essential for an online event planning software to help organizers effortlessly analyze the online registration system:

Customizability: Make sure your event planner software offers fully customizable registration forms. The software should be able to define standard data fields and custom fields to collect all specific information.

Registration Robustness: Your software must be typically strong enough to accommodate millions of records in an easily scalable way. Also, you should be able to register for very large, complex events.

Enhanced Reporting: Look for software that allows you to download standardized reports in different formats including Excel, Word, Access, and several other formats. Be particular about 24-hour, anywhere access to the web reports.

Accounting Automation and Management: This tool allows the users to track payments, refunds and a variety of other monetary transactions. Such tools even assist in generating invoices and receipts and print aged receivables reports.