April 2015

April 28, 2015

Events, seminars, conferences just don’t happen by themselves. These need to be scheduled, organized and set in order. Technology has provided easiest and reliable ways to schedule events from anywhere in the world, and that too on short timeframe.

The scheduling system will not require maintaining calendar system. There is also a multi-user system for organizing scheduling on a single click of a button. The online scheduling software gives advantage to planners with flexible and scalable options as well.

Scheduling clients, registering for events and quick ticket sales make events scheduling system more than just a bot. The system has been designed for providing event planners, event strategists and professionals from events industry to play more interactive role with absolutely no rooms left for making any errors.

Whether corporate or private events, the whole scenario of scheduling has changed for a better tomorrow.

eventsbot is a reliable online event scheduling system. With this system, there is no sign up cost, or no contracts to sign. If there is no sale, there will be no pay. eventsbot is there to schedule the events and ensure that everything is streamlined. The software offers comprehensive conference management solutions, helping planners and managers to arrange everything in order. For information on event scheduling software, visit: www.eventsbot.com

April 15, 2015

Events management operations have changed, and this change is quite imminent due to recent advancements and developments, and more specifically with arrival of cloud based technology. Value is created by conference registration system. It is created in following ways:

  • Minimizes the workload and brings about transformation in the way you are going to plan or deliver the conferences in future
  • Saves considerable amount of time and brings reduction in the paperwork
  • Provides online event managers with efficient email marketing and promotional tools
  • Minimizes on the downtime delays

Schedule the corporate level conferences in matter of minutes. You don’t need to worry about the messed up work and delays. With cloud based technology on your finger tips, registration of conferences, and their management has become far simpler and time efficient.

eventsbot is the cloud based management systems designed for successful hosting of events, seminars and conferences. It is new technology at work, providing corporate world with real time work experience and virtues.  eventsbot is a powerful and one of the most efficient software making conferences successful all the way.  Know the full power of this smart, creative conference registration software.  For more information on eventsbot and its specific features and tools, visit: www.eventsbot.com

April 07, 2015

Times have changed and in these changed times, things have undergone sea change of transformation. Let’s talk of conference hosting and registration out here. There were days when corporate events were organized with human participation. Hundreds of people used to come together with purpose to bring corporate conference in order. However, with cloud based conference registration system, the whole scenario has changed.  With this new, handy and impressive technology, event planners have:

• Turned themselves into global planners

• More avenues to earn profits in their business and boost ROI

• Solid interface to give their attendees better choices

• Safe and secured way to plan conferences, seminars etc.

Start registering for conferences. All that you need is a single button click. The conference related activities can be measured through state of the art metrics system.

eventsbot is the conference registration software working on cloudbased technology and making events registration and online ticketing synchronized and efficient as ever. The uniqueness of eventsbot comes from fact that it offers free event sign up, and conference, seminars, or events registration is time efficient.

The most popular conference registration software is there to help you with your attendee registration. For more information on the software, visit:  www.eventsbot.com