March 2015

March 24, 2015

Technology has brought a flip change in the scheduling of meetings as well as registrations. Manual intervention in organizing events has come to minimal levels. Everything, right from planning to the stage of execution is being controlled by highly energetic bots.

Meetings management systems are phenomenally powerful working in a holistic user-friendly environment. Whether it is about the function coordination, or facility and room scheduling or any other function related to corporate meetings, these bot based systems are undoubtedly playing multi-functional roles. The systems have made meetings organization not just efficient, but also far more creative.

Many new, advanced versions of meetings registration systems are offering strong, secured interface for free promotion on globally popular search engines and event directories. The software is undoubtedly a superb program for Meeting Coordinators, Venue Managers and more obviously for each and every professional engaged in overall organization and constitution of meetings.

eventsbot is the meeting registration software designed to make online registration and ticketing streamlined and easy. This software comes with several user-friendly tools and convenient ways to quickly organize, create as well as manage the meeting points in smart and efficient way.

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March 19, 2015

Seminars or conferences or any other event that happens within the framework of corporate culture, needs a proper organization, for which reason, there is need of an efficient system that works efficiently and does all multitasking. The corporate event management system is step ahead of revolution. Here are few features offered by a cloudbased event management system:

• Collaborating with attendees

• Managing seminars, conferences etc.

• Convenience of organizing the events in a streamlined and efficient manner

• Makes the conferences and seminars productive and result oriented

• Manage the lists of attendees as well as maintain the timesheets

• Cost efficient way to organize corporate seminars, conferences etc.

• Track and measure the outcome of corporate events

• Popularize events on global scale

If you want to boost your events and gain profitable results in return, online corporate event management system would definitely be your choice.

 eventsbot is a new age revolution working on the advanced concept of cloud technology. It is the online event software that has made a big difference in corporate culture, especially in relation to the events. eventsbot provides a stronger and flexible interface to ensure unique and convenient event scheduling. If you want to know the tools and features of corporate event management system, click on:

March 12, 2015

Corporate conferences as well as seminars have always been hosted and organized ever since the corporate culture existed. However, the scenario has changed off late, and this has happened as the result of cloudbased technology. Event management companies are going ga-ga on the undeniable benefits of these advanced conference registration systems. Here are the benefits:

• The software is user-friendly and its operations can be easily managed either in one way or another with minimum human intervention.

• The event planner doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge on technical concepts to operate this software.

• The simple interface has made life of event organizer, especially the conference manager far easier.

• The online conference registration software is easy to operate and moreover, it provides a great learning experience.

• Event planners have more of satisfied and happy clients around

• All human errors are now just a bygone thing

eventsbot is an efficient, innovative conference and seminars scheduling and registration system. It is helping small and medium sized events management businesses to work in a systematic, creative manner. The software does not create any incidents of double booking. If you want to know about the eventsbot and its conference registration software capabilities, click on: