February 2015

February 26, 2015

The ways and manners, in which events, especially the corporate events, were organized few years back, have changed massively. Several real time options are available before event planners as well as attendees, and this has eventually given amazing experience. All of it is the sheer result of comprehensive conference registration software. Here are few roles of the software:

Setting conference session paths – Today the conference management systems are offering attendees with an amazingly dynamic and quite close connected conference session paths. It means that conference holders can set permissions and restrictions for attendees.

Easy handling and cancellations – The software provide attendees with easy management of refunds and cancellations of conferences, seminars etc. for attendees as and when required.

Superb tracking and reporting – Conferences and various corporate seminars can be tracked quickly and their outcome is measured instantly.

eventsbot is a state of the art, purely web based events and conferences  registration system around. The software is a well-designed comprehensive system with strong focus on conferences, seminars etc. Whether it is scheduling, or tracking or just anything in between, eventsbot manages everything efficiently and to the mark.

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February 24, 2015

Conferences or seminars, or just any corporate event you talk about needs to be managed, organized and then popularized. Until and unless these processes are not carried out, the success of corporate events looms large. The realistic reason – all the processes cannot be managed efficiently through human intervention. Therefore, the need for conference registration software becomes imminent.

Benefits of conference registration software

Here are the few benefits of registration software:

  • Systematic scheduling of conference programs or seminars
  • Registration, administration as well as preparing invoices of participants
  • Ability to create the customizable review forms
  • Easy scheduling and tracking of conferences
  • Data export facility
  • Popularizing the conferences and seminars on social media
  • Round the clock global connectivity

Your choice of web based conference management system would make phenomenal difference in your business.

eventsbot is the web based conference and events management system, designed for global use.  Start managing your conferences with the help of comprehensive interface of conference and events registration system. The system is designed for managing not just the corporate conferences and seminars, but also various types of shows and events. To know about the features of conference registration software, visit: www.eventsbot.com.

February 18, 2015

Conferences or seminars or just any kind of show you talk about, there is always the role played by events manager in some way or the other. It provides better choices to event planners, and above all ensures streamlined flow of management. The features of cloudbased, events management system are:

  • Provides a remarkably safe and secured reporting and ticketing system, capable of handling several aspects of ticketing
  • The streamlined and efficient way to sell tickets online of all types of global events.
  • Provides a comprehensive interface for free promotion on various search engines as well as event directories
  • Offers the secured interface to collect credit card payments.
  • There is no need for installing or downloading the events management system

Once you make the right decision on selection of events management system, you are going to get more number of choices, and also expect high returns on your investment.

eventsbot is the cloudbased and purely web based event management system designed to work for the benefit of self employed event planners, small event management companies as well as middle level event management organizations. The web based event management system is designed for your means. If you want to opt for the best, reliable online event management services, visit: www.eventsbot.com.

February 04, 2015

Conference Registration Software – eventsbot

Conferences, big or small, are part and parcel of our lives. Whether it is any industry based conference or an academic conference, the whole idea behind is the manner and efficiently in which these are held. In the fast changing world where technological revolution has become the order, conference registration systems are working out the ways for professional event planning companies to make the things appear simple, user-friendly and time efficient.

The online conference registration systems are there to manage the conferences in an efficient way. Here are the few benefits that these remarkable automated systems are offering:

  • Quick and efficient registration of conferences
  • Make the conferences globally popular
  • Scheduling the conferences, keeping the time and location into consideration
  • Maximizing the profits from the sale of tickets

With different versions of online conference registration system around, it is the choice preference that will matter at the end.

eventsbot is a reliable, cloudbased and efficient online conference registration software designed especially with the purpose to schedule and plan the corporate conferences and seminars.  The popular online event software has made online registration as well as ticketing easy.

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