January 2015

January 28, 2015

Technology has paved the way into a whole new business environment, which seems to hit the popularity charts as the online event management system. The system simply operates on very simple concept – register and publish the event.  The online system comes with plenty of benefits, and few of these are listed below:

  • The system is cloudbased and this means, accessibility is possible from any corner of the earth.
  • You can print the event ticket from anywhere. It can be your home or office or even from POS printer.
  • Multiple events, conferences as well as seminars can be arranged within the stipulated time schedule.
  • Events can be popularized instantly through the online social media networks
  • All old conferences, seminars and shows can be removed and new ones are simultaneously uploaded.
  • All currencies are accepted.

eventsbot is the web based event management and scheduling software  designed for hosting any number of conferences, seminars and events. The software accepts currency in multiple denominations. Booking as well as tracking any event, or seminar or conference is no more a cumbersome job. It requires only a single click. For information about the online event software, click on: www.eventsbot.com.

January 22, 2015

Seminars, or conferences or just any event for that matter – there needs to be proper planning as only planning results into achieving the desired efficiency. If you are not planning in advance, there are reasons for the events to fail. However, with the recent developments in technology, there are several versions of cloudbased event planning systems around. These systems have made revolutionary change in event planning. Here are few things to know about these systems:

  • The event planning system is provided with the interface to book multiple events and publish those events quickly.
  • The published events can also be popularized across globe
  • The events can be booked from anywhere and at any point of time
  • Attendees can pay for the event tickets in their own currency

The online event management system has turned out to be a great boon of century. It is making events management business grow and become a profitable venture.

eventsbot is a reliable, comprehensive online software offering the best tools to book, schedule and arrange the events online. The online events management software ensures proper planning of conferences, seminars and conferences, and ensure that all events happen efficiently.

 To know more about this superb event planning online system, click on: www.eventsbot.com.

January 17, 2015

Conferences or seminars or shows or symposiums – all of these can be righteously called events. However, it is very important to know here that these events have the tickets and these tickets need to be reached quickly to attendees, otherwise the purpose of holding them will just fail on the floor.

The events management and scheduling system has made things quite easy and comfortable for the event planners, and now tickets of any particular event can be sold instantly on a click of mouse. As soon as the events are scheduled and published, their digital ticketing format becomes live. Attendees just need to fill the personal details and they get registered for the event.

Since the digitization of the event tickets, event planners can host multiple events and subsequently arrange those events. Selling tickets has become time efficient task.

eventsbot is a cloudbased management system designed to sell tickets, mange the events and schedule the corporate conferences efficiently. The system provides a comprehensive interface that gives convenience of organizing, creating and managing all types of events.  eventsbot provides free event sign up as well as event registration.

To get the idea on how to sell event tickets online, visit: www.eventsbot.com