October 2014

October 20, 2014

We are living in the new age world where everything is guided and controlled by bots. Events or no events, everything is going hi-tech. The latest calling on scene is meeting registration software. It is the online system that can arrange the meetings, conferences, seminars and just anything under the sun. The software is loaded with several innovative features that make lot of sense to event planning companies as well as the attendees. Here are few benefits to come by:

Benefits for the event planners

  • Convenient platform to organize, create and manage the events in a streamlined fashion
  • Quick listing of multiple events without any technical issues
  • Secured online payment gateway system

Benefits for attendees

  • You can book the event from any place and time zone
  • Get discounts on every booking of the event
  • FREE event Signup and event registration

eventsbot is the innovative online meeting registration software helping the events planning business to move up the scale. Whether it is about planning the corporate seminars, or conferences, or just anything else, eventsbot is helping the businesses engaged in events planning and management to grow big and bigger, while making them save  on the overhead costs.

To know more about features of eventsbot, visit: www.eventsbot.com.

October 14, 2014

We are living in the times moved by digital processes. Everything has gone digital and this also goes for the event planning. Software is playing decisive role in planning and creating the businesses that cater to global audience. Events are going global and managing them needs something that is more efficient and concrete. Event planning software is the bigwig solution around that is helping event planners to arrange, schedule and manage conferences, seminars and just everything around.

Events planning software is making lot of sense these days in the huge, multi-billion events and conference industry. The cloud based systems are making events not just go successful and earn huge revenue for the small companies, but are also helping in the real time online promotions.

Nothing goes wrong with the events planning software. It is the genie on the scene with hordes of features. Whether you want a dedicated, secured merchant account, or you look ahead to hoist multiple conferences, seminars etc. – events planning systems are doing the things right and in a very objective fashion.

eventsbot is a cloud based event planning software offering host of innovative features to make events scheduling, report tracking and management easy, streamlined and far more effective. To know about the features listed in eventsbot, visit: www.evebtsbot.com

October 09, 2014

Managing the events, seminars and conferences cannot always be easy. There can be management problems and these problems can tumble everything upside and down. Moreover, you can possibly manage any single event, but it becomes too complex for event planners to manage multiple events all at the same time. The role of online event management software becomes indispensable here. Let’s take an overview of the usefulness of the software:

  • You can sell the tickets anywhere in the world in any currency. You do not have to make any changes in the currency denomination. It is quite simple.
  • Any number of events, conferences or seminars can be listed. There are no time constraints. You do not need to place extra staff on board.
  • List all the basic events for free.
  • Collect the credit card payments instantly without any hindrance. You can also receive the payments instantly into your PayPal or Google Checkout account.

eventsbot is the online event management software providing the best and realistic platform to host, and manage multiple events, conferences and seminars. The software comes with an immensely powerful reporting and ticketing system designed to add value to events management business. To know more about the eventsbot, visit: www.eventsbot.com.