April 2014

April 22, 2014

Events and shows are age old rituals that have happened for the years. These will continue to happen. The difference is however created ever since free event registration software appeared on the scene. The software has a comprehensive interface that adds flexibility to the shows, exhibitions and events as the event planners can organize and manage them at their own will.

Let’s take a quick look on the usefulness of the online event management software:

#1 useful idea – Easy online registration

Web based online registration software creates an online and a customisable form for registration. This eventually lends required flexibility to fulfill the specific needs of every event or show or any symposium for that matter. Innovations in the system design of event management software have given more number of advantages to the event planner to increase the number of forms, as and when required.

#2 useful idea – Diversified data collection and integration

At times there are many events that have to be listed simultaneously. In such a scenario, the data volume of attendees also increases phenomenally and managing this huge data really requires plenty of time. Online event registration software offers a comprehensive data bank to store the data of attendees, and marginalize the possibilities of data forging or crashing.

#3 useful idea – Send the email rejoinders

The online event management system has made communication easy. Sending email reminders to the attendees to intimate them about the precise event schedule is beneficial for the event planner.  Automated email confirmation is sent to the attendees. The built in email system allows quick sending and receiving of emails, and the best part is that emails can be saved in a dedicated account of event planner.

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April 18, 2014

The process of conducting events has changed ever since the coming of online event registration software. Those hard days of attendees standing in queue and buying tickets of their favorite events are over. Whether it is about hosting the events or conferences or seminars, online event registration software has given a new meaning to the celebrations. The software will not only offer facility to register or publish the events, but also give event planners advantage of branding the events. The event planning manager can also create events page for the purpose of branding. There are also several page customization options available, which help the planners to project events on elaborate scale and to maximum number of attendees.

Online events management and registration system offers easy usability options for the attendees. They do not have to face the trouble of buying the event tickets. And, from the perspective of event planner, tickets of most popular events can be listed within fraction of seconds.   What’s more, the software comes with an efficient reporting system which helps the event planner to measure the success and failure of every event. Expo industry is engaging good results with the help of events management software.

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April 05, 2014

Planning the events online is an elaborate and extensive process and it requires event planner to concentrate on several factors. If you show any lethargy or ignorance towards these factors, you cannot plan and host the events. Isn’t this simple and straight? When you are planning to host an event, the convenience of attendees should be given first preference. This is where the role of online events planning software plays its part.

The software comes with an elaborate interface and offers you plenty of benefits as much as it gives your attendees the advantage to book tickets for their favorite events. You can short list the events that you intend to sell online. After the short listing is over, you can write a brief on the events, place a picture and start promoting it. All of this will not take much of your time.

And for your attendees, you are giving them better options for booking a ticket to the show, or seminar, or the conference.

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