September 2013

September 13, 2013

Are you unable to make your event popular?

An event can only be popular if you are putting in a lot of efforts to promote it among more number of attendees. Different types of methods are used these days to promote business events and shows. But, the most effective way of promoting is to use a successful online event registration software like eventsbot. The free online event registration software of eventsbot has a number of features.

A good feature offered by eventsbot is send Email invitation. It is a very useful feature for promoting events and sending word around for your upcoming events. The main attraction of this feature is that you can send your event invitations to unlimited email addresses.

With the help of send Email invitation option, you can send personalized messages, customize the subject of mail, use contacts from your contact book and can also enter email addresses manually. You can also use it to save and contact new contact lists.

So if you want to enjoy more attendees at your event, use eventsbot.

September 11, 2013

Event industry is one of the most progressive industries today. A lot of changes have taken place in this industry. Professionals involved in this industry are trying to reap the benefits of latest technology that are introduced every now and then. One such development that has taken place in the event industry and has created a buzz for the last few years is the use of online event ticketing system.

A good example of professional online event ticketing system is eventsbot. We have helped several event planners to sell event tickets online. Event planners who use our tool find it very effective as it allows them to sell event tickets right sitting at one corner of their house. We have all the features of a good online event ticketing system. We allow attendees to make payments for their registrations in multiple currencies. Participants can use our online tool to make registrations for events that they are interested in.

We are simply easy to use!

A user who is new to our software can also use it without any hassle.

September 11, 2013

What is the main aim of your event?

Networking with good prospects. If it so, start using a good online event software to expedite this process. Networking will help you in making good business relations.  Good relations will help you in exchanging ideas, advice; refer business contacts with each other and in partnering products and services offerings.

When you are considering holding an event to network with more people, investing quality time to find out how can you enhance your network with the help on an event. Plan proper strategies to ensure that there are more number of attendees that you want to target.

Use eventsbot, the event scheduling software for your event planning needs. When you are using us, you can easily monitor the number of people coming to your show. We will allow you to know what type of attendees will be attending your event. By understanding your audience, you can gaze the success of your event. Also, you will come to know whether attendees available at your show are perfect for your networking needs or not.

Use eventsbot if you want to increase your networks.

September 06, 2013

Are you planning a trade show for the first time?

If yes, start with creating a good marketing plan to determine what are the key elements that you need to consider to make it successful. You need to find out what is the purpose of your trade fair, what is your target audience and trade exhibitors and what will be the venue for your trade show.

Once you know the objectives of your trade show, make a checklist of things that will be included in your planning. You may think it is easy to plan everything on own. But you are mistaken here. It is not simple.

If you hire professional event management services for organizing your trade show, you would be benefitted a lot. You will get an opportunity to use a good online event management software to plan out everything according to your requirement. You will also get a chance to use all the features for making your planning easy. You can easily manage your trade show and track the effectiveness of your show.

evenstbot, a dynamic online event management software offers elite event management services. Use it for your trade show to make it an event to cherish.