August 2013

August 23, 2013

Are you interested to grow your business rapidly?

Then, think of networking.  Networking is an important part of business. There are many ways to find vendors, partners and prospects, events being one of them. Make use of events such as trade shows, conferences and meetings to connect with influential people.

There are many reasons of building relationships with people at events. It helps in partnering products and services, referring contacts and sharing opportunities, exchanging thoughts, ideas and views and advice about the growth of business.

Before approaching people at your events, make a strategy to network in a proper way. Try to understand more about them. Ask them questions about their business and also ask them how they can help you. Also, get them know more about your business or products and services. You must also let them know how you can help them in their business. Networking helps both attendees and host with a win-win situation. Both of these parties benefit from networking at an event.

You can increase networking with people at your event by inviting more attendees. Make use of a good online event software to advertise your events. It will pull more traffic to your event page. More traffic means more visitors at your event. Allow your attendees to register for your event through eventsbot,  a professional online event registration software.

No doubt, you are going to have more attendees at your events and will get an opportunity to network with more people.

August 21, 2013

The word event brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to everyone. It is a good time for attendees to witness something exciting or new. Also, it is a good time for an event planner to show his capabilities to make the show more successful.  An event can only be successful if effective marketing is done. Effective marketing will help in pulling more audience and generating good revenue.

An event planner who aims high to make his events big always looks for ways to boost participation with unique marketing tools.  One of the best ways to do this is to use event registration software like eventsbot.

eventsbot is an exclusive online event registration software. It will offer you a marketing power that you cannot get anywhere else. It has thousands of attendees on the list who are always looking forward to be a part of good events. When you take up the option of event planning online through eventsbot, it is for sure that your events will be viewed by large numbers of attendees. This way, you can promote or market your events among large groups of people.

August 19, 2013

Your attendees enjoy attending your events. Have you thought why it is so?

Attendees today are more fond of knowing more about events from the Internet. Online research about events and shows that are happening worldwide keep them updated more about event industry. The Internet provides all the information that they need about events. Whether it is knowing about the date, venue, type of event and agenda – they get all relevant information.

On top of that, when you are using a good event scheduling software, you are allowing your attendees to register anytime for your events. The event scheduling software allows them to register the way that they want. They can make payments easily, receive confirmations of registrations and track seating availability easily with the tool. An attendee enjoys attending an event more when he gets an opportunity to register from the comfort of his home.

You must be using eventsbot, a functional event planning software for planning your events. So, your attendees enjoy attending your events. eventsbot, no doubt is an exceptional event planning software. Keep using it for your events to experience massive crowd at your event.

August 16, 2013

A meeting registration software as eliminated the cumbersome paper registration work for attending any meeting. Through an online application paper, the software allows participants to register within few minutes. It allows them to act immediately and  book their registrations. The software is a great help for registering meetings with limited seats. If you go for paper registration system for registration process, you will be wasting your time, energy and money. On the other hand, a smart software will help you book your seat swiftly.

By using a smart event registration software such as eventsbot, you will have no clerical errors, Your attendees can enter their own contact information. This is going to reduce misinterpretation. It also gives them the opportunity to choose their preferred payment option. They will receive instant notifications once they make payments for registrations. It also allows them to communicate well with the event managers and discuss anything related to the event.

Really, an event registration software such as eventsbot has paved way for quick, easy and secured registration.

August 07, 2013

Have you used a free online event registration software for managing your events?

If not, then start using one as you will have a better experience of event planning. There are a number of benefits that you will get by using a planning tool. Every process related to your planning will be streamlined. No waste of time, energy or resources!!!!

You will discover an entirely new way to plan your show and connect with your attendees. Your attendees will find free online event registration tool unique. It will allow them to register for your events anytime that they want. They can know more about your events, the venue and cost of tickets. A free online event registration software will allow you to create your event easily. You can use it even when you have a tight event budget. You can get instant feedbacks from your attendees through this tool. It will help you improve your next events.

So, choose a good event management tool such as eventsbot to make your events big. We ensure to offer you a memorable event planning experience.