July 2013

July 29, 2013

Do you feel disappointed to see empty seats at your events?

Like all other event planners, you too may be using a number of marketing strategies to pull maximum attendees to your show. But, if you find that all these strategies are not meeting your expectations, then it’s time for you to embrace a user-friendly event scheduling software for planning your events or shows.

An event scheduling software offers exceptional services to event planners. Some of them include:

  • Easy free online registration for events
  • Easy to approach large groups of attendees
  • Easy to send invitation emails to guests
  • Easy to create and manage events
  • Easy for attendees to make payments
  • Easy for event planners to receive payments
  • And More

Looking at the above benefits, you will surely like to introduce a good online event software for your next upcoming events. Once you will start using eventsbot as your online event software, you can see great difference in the number of participants at your events. Your events will be all crowded with more attendees and you will be a winner all the way.

July 22, 2013

No hassles, no stress, no wasting time!  An online event ticketing system makes selling event tickets tremendously easy. Use it for your next event to see a big change in the way of selling event tickets. It will allow you to sell event tickets online in a much systematic way. You no longer have to run after your attendees anymore. You can offer them the convenience to purchase tickets at one single platform.

With the help of an online event ticketing system, you can create your event tickets, get the sales of your event tickets on track and also track the details of the entire selling process online. Once your attendees have made the payment after their purchase, you will enjoy receiving instant and direct payment in your PayPal or Google Checkout accounts. Also, when you sell event tickets online, you can update web ticket sales report including attendee details and sale details at anytime. It also offers the benefit to accepting offline payments from attendees.

You can avail all the above mentioned benefits by using eventsbot as your online event ticketing platform.

July 22, 2013

Give your event planning a new life by bringing an entirely different change in the way you plan things. Your attendees want more from you. They expect the convenience of buying event tickets and ease of getting all the information that they want from you. You can meet the expectations of your clients by using a good event planning software. By doing this, you are offering superlative degree of services to your attendees. Your event planning online decision will prove you beneficial in long run. More and more participants will know about your events.

A professional event planning software such as eventsbot can be used without any second thought. It will certainly be a sensible decision because it will help you to keep a control on all the stages of your event planning. You will enjoy creating your own event page using the design that you like the most. Even you can use a password to secure your event page. By having a secured password for your event page, you can only permit authorized people or attendees to access your event page.

So, attract your attendees to your events by choosing eventsbot as your event planning software.

July 18, 2013

Free Event Registration For Getting More Attendees

Are you planning to host an event?

You no longer have to feel perplexed about your event planning anymore. There are a number of online event management companies out there in the market that help event planners plan and manage events in a systematic way.  When you choose one of the best online event management companies, you can be rest assured that your event will be a grand a success.

There are a number of good reasons for getting grand success. First of all, a professional online event planning company such as eventsbot offers free online event registration for events. You can upload your event at any time of the day and promote it among your attendees. Your event will get more coverage because you are using an online tool to promote your events. In this modern age, about 80% people rely on World Wide Web to search things that interest them. So, when they will get a chance to know more about your events online, they will surely register for your event. This way, you can have more attendees for your show.

Give a spice to your event planning by using the free event registration system of eventsbot!

July 18, 2013

Online Event Management Software – Keeping You Ahead in Competition

Every event planner wants to have an edge over his competitors. It his expectation that more attendees visit his events so that he can make huge profits. But attaining all these is not so easy. There is tough competition in the event market and everyone here in the event industry is trying to attain success by employing a number of different of methods.

There are a number of event management tools available in the market that help planners plan different type of events, online event management being one of them. You can stand apart from your competitors only when you have good tools to promote your event. For this, you can use online event management software.

We, at eventsbot, offer outstanding event management services to our clients. We help you to promote your events freely in search engines and event directories. We allow you to make announcements on your event page at any time that you want. You can promote your event better by sending email invitations to your esteemed guests and attendees every day. Once you are successful in promoting your events, it is for sure that you will have more attendees to your event.