October 2011

October 23, 2011

Organizing a seminar can be a challenging task. From booking the venue to deciding on the speakers, you will have your hands full. You would want a full house, so planning in advance will ensure that more people are aware of the event. Selling tickets online through meeting planning companies will be convenient for potential participants.

You can look on the web for companies which have seminar management services. Make a list of these based on their fees. In case your colleagues have organized seminar before, you can consult them for advice as well. Make sure that you read client testimonials on the site so that you know how satisfied earlier clients were.

Look for a web based application that is user friendly. You should not have to pay a sign up amount. A website which asks for payment only if you sell tickets would be preferable. Make sure that you can receive credit card, PayPal, and Google Checkout payments through the site.

Take a tour of the site so that you know how to use it. You should ask any questions that you have to the company staff, so that they can guide you through the registration process. Decide on the event details in advance, so that there is enough time for publicity.

Look for a site which will promote your event on event directories as well as search engines. Browse through details of other events listed on the site, so that you have an idea of how your event will look when featured on the site.

Make sure that the event details such as the name of the venue, date, and time are spelt correctly. Other checklists you can maintain include speaker requirements and standby speakers. If this is the first time that you are organizing a seminar, speak with someone who has prior experience.

Organize refreshments if it will be a day long event. Plan the schedule in such a manner that attendees get sufficient breaks. This will also enable you to resume the schedule in case you run late. Read the terms and conditions on the site before registering.

Look for a reputed site for seminar management. You can then be sure that it will run smoothly when attendees log on to confirm their participation. You can then relax, knowing that the arduous task of ensuring a full house I in capable hands. If the experience is successful, you can repeat it the next time you have to organize an event.

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Be careful when you are looking for a seminar management service. You should consider Eventsbot, which is a completely web based application that is very user friendly.

October 21, 2011

Communication channels have improved vastly and today, businesses carry out their myriad operations with a multitude of clients, vendor, and other businesses scattered all over the world without needing to meet in person. But most businesses still make it a point to host seminars, conferences, and meetings regularly because these provide the platforms for the all-important work of networking and exchanging ideas. Planning and executing a meeting to perfection is a time-consuming and arduous task and so most businesses rely on the services of professional meeting planning companies to get the job done. These companies possess the expertise, contacts, and most importantly, the time to perform the immense number of complex tasks involved in the planning and execution of a meeting.
The following are the reasons why businesses throng the doorsteps of professional meeting planning companies:

  • To spare themselves the hassles of running from pillar to post to secure arrangements. Organizing a meeting involves tasks like looking for appropriately-sized venues and checking them out for their facilities, scouting for suppliers and/or vendors who will provide onsite managerial services, and finally reviewing the supplies and services provided by a multitude of vendors. All these may involve actually visiting the offices of the vendors and/or suppliers and the venue multiple times. Besides there is also the participant registration process to manage. Professional meeting planning companies have the resources on board and systems in place like an online registration tool to perform all these, whereas you do not. So engaging their services leaves you free to concentrate on other critical aspects of the meeting like preparing the agenda or the guest list.
  • To clinch the best deals. Professional meeting planning companies have the contacts and the negotiation power to help you clinch the best deals in hotel room rates and airline fares. So when you secure their services you can be sure that the event will not overshoot the budget and drain your resources. In fact, these companies chalk out the most detailed budgets so that you are not in for rude shocks later on.
  • To chalk out the best possible meeting schedule. Business meets are not always confined to the boardroom. In fact, organizers prefer to throw in cultural events and excursions in the agenda to make it exciting. Professional meeting planning companies help add spice to an agenda and also make all the requisite arrangements. You will only need to change into your party wear and step into the performance arena or hop on to a waiting bus to take you and your guests for a fun-filled sightseeing trip.

Securing the services of professional meeting planning companies not only saves precious time, money, and effort on your part but also ensures that your meeting is a roaring success.

October 19, 2011

In an age where people rely on desktops, laptops, and hand-held devices to get most of their jobs done, why should you take up the pen and paper, pore over rows of mind-boggling numbers, or wrinkle your brows and gaze at the calendar as you try to figure out if sending out the invites on the 4th would be too early or if the guest rooms for the speakers be reserved from the 17th? Give that digital edge to your event planning woes and go in for the efficiency, convenience, and accuracy of an event scheduling software.
Here are the benefits of an event scheduling software:

  • Saves time. These days, most professional event organizers take the help of an event scheduling software to plan, manage, and synchronize the myriad complex tasks associated with the planning and execution process. So when you approach an event management company that employs such a software system, you can be sure that the plans will be drafted to the minutest details and all the tasks involved will be accomplished in the most efficient manner and in the shortest time possible. And everyone will agree that in this fast-paced world, time is indeed money.
  • Increases efficiency and accuracy. When the D-Day just around the corner, the excitement runs at frenzied levels. But planning for it may seem daunting since it involves a multitude of tasks that not only need to be accomplished on time but also have to be synchronized to ensure that the event kicks off without any hitch and sails through to completion. The most carefully chalked out and detailed plan can fall flat even if there is a tiny flaw in its execution. Working with an event scheduling software minimizes the chances of such slips and/or errors and ensures that the project is carried out to perfection.
  • Has widespread application. Organizers are increasingly using a scheduling software since it has widespread application—for promoting and/launching a product, seminars, conferences, and meetings. It is not only organizations who find use for this software but also individuals who crave for efficiency in all that they do. So some people may use the software to plan birthdays, graduation parties, and weddings. After all, everybody would like the process of planning and executing to be as hassle-free as possible.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that event organizers time and again fall back on an event scheduling software to see them through a project, however challenging and complex it may be.

October 15, 2011

Remember the time when you decided to plan a secret birthday bash for your sister, all by yourself? That the cake did not arrive on time was cause enough to feel peeved. But the severity of the incident simply pales in comparison when you consider whatever else that went awry—a power cable fault developed just when food was being served, the local electrician whom you had counted on to deliver failed to turn up, there was no water in the washroom, and to top it all, the budget went overboard. Your sister and the guests were sporting; they even offered to pitch in with the cleanup when the men didn’t show up. But you learned your lesson that day—planning an event is the work of a professional event management company.
Planning an event involves accomplishing a mindboggling array of tasks and when you take up the work yourself, there are chances that one or two might get the miss. Trust an event management company to shoulder the headache and get all the following and some more done, in a jiffy too:

  • Planning the Budget: A professional event management company gains an insight into the objectives of the event to plan a budget, of course after discussing with the client. The budget is specific and comprehensive and covers all expenses—the charges for the venue and the parking fees, food and beverages, decorations, return gifts, and also the cost of keeping an electrician and a plumber on the stand-by. A budget so well laid out spares the clients rude shocks later on.
  • Creating a List of To-Dos: The list of To-Dos range from booking an appropriately-sized venue, reserving the equipment and materials to sending out the invites, planning a menu and arranging for cleanup services afterwards. Add to these some seemingly unimportant but vital tasks like arranging and putting up parking space signage, arranging for the services of health care professionals, and ensuring there are appropriate fire safety measures at the venue. The To-Do list is extensive but a professional event management company follows it to a T and ensures that there are no loopholes and any celebration turns into a roaring success.
  • Creating Timeline for the To-Dos: When time is at a premium, tasks tend to get missed. So these days, many people prefer to entrust the complex work of planning an event to a professional event management company. The company then creates a detailed timeline of all the myriad tasks that need to be synchronized and completed in the weeks culminating in the D-Day. This ensures that not only all the tasks in the To-Do list are completed but you are also spared the eleventh hour worries and hassles.

With such complexities are involved, the work of event management is best left to professionals. They will not only ensure that the event is the talk of the town, but you are also spared the niggling worries.

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When in need of the services of a professional and supremely efficient event management company, approach eventsbot.

October 13, 2011

If you are organizing an event, you may be wondering about how to publicize it. Ensuring that tickets are sold online will help you to make the event a success. Busy professionals would like to buy tickets from a site, so that they do not face the hassle of standing in line and waiting to buy tickets. Your guests will appreciate the convenience.

You can look on the net for event management services. Make a list of a few of them, based on their prices. You can ask your colleagues for recommendations in case they have organized similar events in the past. Look for a user friendly site.

Check whether the site uses the currency you want. You should be able to receive credit card payments. The site should also promote your event on search engines and event directories. Look for a site which does not have a sign up cost.

A site which takes payment if you sell tickets is a sensible option. Read customer testimonials so that you know how satisfied previous clients were with the service. Take an online tour so that you understand how to use it. Consult the company staff in case you have any doubts.

You should know the amount that you will have to pay so that you can price your tickets accordingly. Register well in advance, so that there is enough time for promotion. Once people are aware of the event, you will see a a gradual increase in demand.

Take a look at the other events running so that you can get an idea of the profile of the clients of the site. Make a note of the URL so that you can publicize it in your own campaign as well. Plan in advance, so that you can get rid of hiccups before the event.

Make sure the details are correct when event scheduling, such as the event date, time, and venue. Otherwise you will face unnecessary hassle in correcting spellings. Read the terms and conditions before signing on. In case you will be busy organizing the conference, seminar, or other event, appoint someone reliable to monitor the sales.

Look for a reputed company when you are choosing among event management services. You can then ensure that the site is stable. If the booking experience is not smooth, your potential customers may leave midway. If the experience is successful, you can use the site the next time round as well.

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