June 2011

June 16, 2011

The events industry in Victoria, Australia, as of 2006, contributed $2.4 billion in terms of economic activity. Some of the major event categories were business and sporting events, community and local events, art-based events, cultural and religious events and food and wine festivals.

If you too are planning to organize an event, the best and the most cost-effective way of promotion is to seek event management services. They usually have robust event management software that helps organizers create, manage, promote and even sell tickets to their events online. The best ones also offer premium services with the organizer having to pay the company only when it generates sales.

Benefits of Using Event Management Services
Here are some more benefits of using reputable event management services:

  • The event management company creates a special webpage dedicated to an event (regularly updated), which is promoted through premium SEO services. So, any relevant search is returned with results listing the events, thus catering to a global audience. Else, events can also be kept private by letting only selected individuals view and access the events page. It also promotes events on event directories and search engines.
  • The system also sends invitations, manages RSVPs, sells tickets, collects payment and offers organizers real-time status and financial reports. They cater to all requirements of the event organizers, from the beginning to the end.
  • These services also help reduce budget, as promotion is accomplished online.
  • It allows organizers to get complete details and status of the number of tickets sold for the event.
  • Allows making last minute changes to an event, anytime and from anywhere. Once can also postpone an event.
  • They help organizers identify the target audience and facilitate efficient management of an event, irrespective of its size.
  • It is convenient for both organizers and attendees, as the best event management software also offer enhanced user experience
  • Event management services help increase organizers’ brand awareness and revenues.
  • Organizers do not have to worry about managing the event, thus saving them precious time and money.
  • Fully integrated, flexible and easy-to-mange, these systems ensure efficient event management thus ensuring its success.

The best event management services offer convenient registration and ticketing solutions that enables organizers to sign up their events for free and also update their events. By automating the activities and processes, the software helps enhance the ability to handle events efficiently.

June 15, 2011

Why Hire the Services of an Event Management Company?

According to the statistics published at Enterprise Melbourne, in 2006, business events in Victoria supported as many as 22,600 direct and indirect jobs. Such events also offer other benefits, such as community engagement, media coverage and enhancing the region’s cultural fabric. Hence, several event organizers are now seeking event management services to enhance the success of their event. With a reputable event management company, all types of events, be it seminars management, trade show management or corporate meeting management, are becoming efficiently and professionally managed.

Event Management Company: Why Choose Them?

Since events and seminars management are tasks that require great visualization, planning, creativity and venue management, the role of an event management company becomes all the more important. These companies usually have a team of experts, whose skills are backed by robust event management software that automates the entire event management process (including event creation, management, promotion and ticket sales). The software also takes care of invitation, attendance, invitee registration and payment collection, among others.
With professional event management services, organizers can achieve the event objectives without worrying about the management details. While the event management professionals take care of their event, the organizers focus on the event’s crux. Besides, these companies also work with their client’s budget, saving them time and money. However, while selecting an event management company, one must check its credentials, service orientation, track record, testimonials and other relevant details.

Event Management Company: Services Offered

Here are some services that a reputable event management company will offer:

  • Enable event creation within two minutes through free online registration.
  • Sends customized emails to attendees about an event and allows attendees to RSVP the invite.
  • Promotes events through event directories and search engines, thus enhancing its public accessibility.
  • Allows organizers to add, remove, review or change event details
  • Organizers can also upload logo, image and edit event details, date, color, layout and contact information anytime, even after the event has gone live!
  • Sends event summary, comprising updated event details display, ticket sale status, and collection from ticket sales.
  • Organizers can choose to display attendee details and ticket balance status on the events page to attract more attendees.
  • Organizers can cancel or remove an event anytime without making the information public.

It also allows organizers to track the location of their event, create multiple days for events and even get customized registration. They can also create an event in advance and save it for publishing at a later date.

June 09, 2011

Seminar is a vital event, which is time and again organized by the corporate and the business houses to discuss on a particular product or subject. Participants attending the seminars need to actively participate in order to be a part of healthy discussion. The views of different participants regarding any particular business process or product help in the organization’s growth. In order to reap the sweet reward of seminars, the organization need to carefully plan and execute the seminar that will lead effective outcome. Organizing seminar is not an easy task as it requires professional touch and expertise of seminar management professionals to handle the seminars with ease and convenience.

To successfully cater the requirement of seminars, many event management companies are offering service in the field of seminar management. The prime objective of the seminar can only be achieved with the help and effort of the highly professional event management company which hold great expertise in planning and managing successful seminars. Companies arranging seminars take care of every vital aspect of the seminar and right from planning of the seminar to determining the target audience and from arranging the logistic to selecting the right venue, everything is well planned and executed by the event management companies.

Event management companies with their immense experience and expertise are able to conduct successful and effective seminar exactly as per the client’s expectation. Corporate and business houses just need to schedule the seminar and all the other aspect are well taken care of by the event management companies. Right from selecting a venue, to booking of the necessary resources to doing registration, to advertising, to sending invitations to the seminar attendees, seminar management companies take well care of each and every aspect of the seminar.

June 08, 2011

Event management is the fastest growing field as planning and executing an event is really a daunting task that need attention of experts who have sufficient knowledge and experience of  managing event to perfection. A million-core industry, event management comprises of hosting events of various stature and semantics. There are several professional and social events that need to be professionally managed in order to be effective and successful. Several corporate events like meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and product launches, everything need to be organized in a well mannered plan.

Behind every successful event there is the role and effort of event managers who plan and execute the event with proper planning and scheduling. The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is the budget of the event as this helps the event manager to organize the event in the alloted budget. According to the budget of the event the manager select the venue for the event, decorating the venue according to the theme of the event, arrangement of food, and arrangements of vehicles for commuting to and from the event’s venue. All these factors are well taken care of while organizing and planning an event as without keeping consideration for these things one will not be able to organize a successful event.

Another vital facto that needs consideration is the type of event and the number of people who will be attending the event. The number of people attending the event is a must for the organizer to know as this will help them to ideally select the venue and arrange for the food and snacks items so that everything fall in place and there is no shortage of anything. The secret of the event’s success lies in the fact that one should be able to understand the needs and desires of the guests and plan the event exactly in the manner desired.

June 07, 2011

Event scheduling software or  event planning software is an highly effective tool used for scheduling and organizing different corporate and social event. This software has achieved huge accolades by all the leading event management companies all across the globe. With the help of event scheduling software the event organizers reduces the amount of manual work required for conducting any event. Simple and easy to use, this software allows event organizers to regularly update the information. Manually scheduling an event will not prove effective and will lead to unproductive event.


Planning and organizing an event is not an easy task and requires careful planning and perfect execution to obtain success. Thus, event scheduling software comes quite handy and prove highly effective in organizing any type of event at any scale. This software have the following advantages associated making the tasks of event organizers simple:

•    Reduce paper work
•    Event can be organized on a restricted budget
•    Facility of instant registration
•    Registration fee can be accepted in any currency
•    Highly effective ticketing and reporting system
•    Simple and convenient registration process

The distinguish features of this event planning software have achieved huge acclamation from event management professionals who are heavily relying on this software for organizing different types of events. The participants living in any part of the world can attend and be the active member of the event through the help of the software.


Comprehensive and dynamic features of the event scheduling software is not just ideal for any specific type of event but different types of event can be organized with same ease and convenience. Events that can be effectively planned out include:

•    Product Promotion
•    Launching of the product
•    Seminars
•    Conferences
•    Meeting

Event scheduling software due to its ease and convenience has become an essential part for auditoriums, conference houses, convention centers, museums, churches, hospitals and business houses. To meet the requirements of different organizations and event management companies this event scheduling software comes with the customizable features, which can be changed to meet the objective of the event, size of the event, and the company for which the event is going to be organized.

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