August 2010

August 31, 2010

Online ticketing software is nowadays in much demand since the selling or buying tickets are the year  long process whether the tickets are going to be sold out for the theater, concert Hall, sporting association or school or college events. Organizations are now relying on easily available  online ticketing software since it reduces the cost of indulged infrastructure and also utilizes the over all resource organization infuses in the event.

Eventsbot offers a very unique and affordable online ticketing software that delivers a wide range of advantages to the event organizers. The software offers a huge database of potential buyers so that you may easily grip a control over the entire  customer database. Online ticketing software allows an opportunity to customers to purchase tickets for listed events round the clock without moving to the venue and certainly in much advance time period.

Not only it offers an opportunity to purchase the ticket but also it accommodates you to  access highly relevant and most detailed reports on all the ticket sales,  event timings and seat scheduling. Having up to dated data about the events and its associated activities is now a click away.

Companies are now using this innovative mode of customer dealing to let the buyers allow their favorite events gripped in their reach. With Eventsbot’s online ticketing software, a number of additional utilities are offered to the customers. These utilities involve  instant updates about the event schedule,  current ticket status and sitting arrangements status at the time of event.

August 27, 2010

Organizing meetings is somewhat easier than managing them efficiently especially when meeting is with existing and potential clients. If you are looking for attendees from across the globe then you need something more than just making arrangements and management for the meeting. Especially these days, when no one is free to spend some more time in managing different events.

If you are also one of those going to organize an important meeting then don’t think more about what to do or not. Let an event management company like Eventsbot do its work. Companies involved in creating, managing and promoting different types of events use innovative software like meeting registration software with an aim to make the registration process easy.

There are a number of benefits of making registration through such software. Attendees can easily collect all the information regarding the meeting or register from the comfort of their home. Apart from this, as an organizer you can track current progress of the meeting easily. Event management company through meeting registration software does a lot of other works including:

  • Conform registrations
  • Send meeting reminders automatically
  • Track meeting attendees
  • Collect payments through different legal and flexible payment modes like PayPal
  • Send invoices
  • Attendance reporting and attendees announcements
  • Send thank you mails or message

Right from the very beginning to the end of the meeting, the software provides complete registration and management solution to make the meeting finished with successful end and positive results.

August 25, 2010

Event scheduling software is the most sophisticated addition in the business solutions that makes it more flexible and  prompt in output. Earlier, the manual event management process used to create numerous hassles to the organizers since redundancy and error handling issues were prevalent throughout. Eventsbot however has introduced the next generation event scheduling software for the organizers.

These software are the great assistance for the Convention Centers, conference houses, auditoriums, Museums, Churches, Hospitals, and Businesses venues the frequently organize various events for the said purposes. The tool is therefore designed to cater the needs by adapting the requirements like size of the event, scope of the event  and industry vertical for which the event is going to be created.

The event scheduling software from Eventsbot is best for conferences, galas, summer camps and auditoriums that frequently organize the events. The application is meant  to manage almost all the aspects of an event including event  ticketing,  attendee registration, online messaging, schedule updates and  vital announcements.  When it comes to gather improved productivity internal coordination, an event scheduling software do a lot.

With event scheduling software, organizing repeated events is also very easy. The event management industry  is now relying on our world class event scheduling software  to track their online events and campaigns. This software is ideal for

  • Promoting  events  among the general public and potential audience
  • Send invitations  to all the invitees at once
  • Updating delegates  on any potential change in the schedule
  • Booking of tickets both online and off line
August 22, 2010

Event registration is beneficial for both the organizers and participants. It is really essential in many ways as it not only ensures the online presentation of future events, but also provides you access of tracking payment options and current progress of the event. More-ever with the registration, When the future event is registered, the creation, promotion, management and ticket selling become more advanced and easy.

Registrants can easily sign-up for your event and also choose a payment option according to their choice. To ensure the registration, an email is automatically sent to the registrants given mail ID. If compared to manual registration process then it more convenient and easy to use. Apart from this, a software is used to make the registration process simple.

It also keeps you updated with automated payment collection as well as current progress of the organized event. There are a number of other benefits of online event registration. First and main benefits is that it keeps registration process open even if you are not online.

When it comes to online event registration, it is free, extremely simple and convenient now. Eventsbot has come up with latest tools to make the registration process easy. You can customize your registration form and fill it within in a very short time.

A user friendly and web-based or online application form is provided to register the future event. Number of added benefits are offered to you on event registration including efficient and innovative reporting and ticketing system.

August 19, 2010

You are going to organize an exhibition or seminar to boost your sale as well as to give new heights to your business. But still confused what you should do first and from where you should start as you have lack of time. If really it is happening to you then why don’t you hire an event management company to give a perfect starting to your planned event.

Definitely, perfect event management system of the selected company will do wonders for your event by providing you positive results. A successful management system plays a major role in making all types of event successful. Whether it is an exhibition, seminar, birthday/marriage ceremony party, conference or a game event like world cup and Olympic games, this vital system can easily execute event professionally and in an efficient manner.

Sending online invitations, handling email communications, keeping organizers and attendees updated with the current progress of the event and keeping track on overall event are some of the benefits offered to organizers by an event management company.

Services offered by Eventsbot are equipped with innovative event registration and management software. No doubt, it is the complete solution for corporations, organizations and individuals to make all types of events successful. Right from easy and hassle free online registration to ticketing solutions, Eventsbot knows very well how to create and manage an event so that it can reach to a successful end.

Services of this leading company are not just limited to event creation and management, but have expanded to a great level. To make the  system more flexible, it also offers organizers an option of collecting payments online as well as offline.

So, don’t wait now. Register your event right now to make it successful.

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