March 2009

March 26, 2009

Chill out this summer with a few spectacular events in and around your city. From music concerts to bachelor parties, from food festivals to holiday events, there are hordes of things that you can do this summer. Events can be good stress-busters and that’s the reason why we see lots of people across the world looking for holiday events, weekend breaks, etc.

Online event management and ticketing is the in thing, and you can certainly think of organizing big as well as small events online, that too with very little resources. If you manage to organize a concert where a superstar would perform, you can even make lots of money by selling tickets online as well as offline.

For an unforgettable weekend of music, food, and nocturnal fun, you definitely won’t think twice to dig deep into your pockets. In fact, no one does. To be a successful event manager you don’t need enormous money. All you need is creative ideas to plan and make your event truly special. So, get geared for an excellent SUMMMER OF 2009. Hey! Why not organize a Bryan Adams concert and make him sing your favorite Summer of ‘69?

March 23, 2009

Easter is the perfect time to host various local events, an egg hunt in your yard or nearby park, food festivals and family parties to welcome the spring in a grand way. Express the joy of renewed life by organizing a fabulous Easter party where your loved ones and friends can have a jolly good time.

You can find wonderful Easter party ideas on the internet and there are hordes of online event management companies to guide you and make your Easter party truly special. You can also think of a good party theme which will provide the perfect framework from which the rest of the planning process can flow.

Homemade decorations, Easter crafts, special treats, mouthwatering recipes, party games and fun filled activities are main features of an Easter party. Your Easter party can even fetch you lots of money if you intend to promote, send invitations, and sell tickets for the event. The guests and invitees of your Easter party can get busy with the Easter egg hunt, enjoy the Easter Bonnet Cake, dance to the lively music, or just indulge in the delectable food.

April 12th (Easter Sunday) is not too far away, so hurry and plan your Easter party immediately. Send out invitations, sell loads of tickets and make your event a grand success. This is your chance to welcome the spring and celebrate Easter 2009 in an excellent way!