December 2007

December 12, 2007

Delete Event 

You can now delete any event very easily. 

Login to your eventsbot account , on the ” Event Toolbox”, select ” Delete this event”.   


This will instantly delete your particular event not only from your event list but also from our database.You also receive an instant email notification for any event that has been deleted from your account.

Cancel Event

You can cancel any event from your account.

Login to your account , on “Event Toolbox”, select “Cancel this event”.


This is remove the event from public view and from eventsbot event directory. Although you can view in your event list on ” My Events”


December 11, 2007

eventsbot beta version is packed up ! We would like to run you through a recap of all the  new features we have added recently -

1. Website Integration :

You can now link the event URL to your Website. You just need to copy and paste the code to your website.So the visitors to your website can click on the link to view the event and buy tickets as well.

2. Announcements :

You can add/Edit updates , annoucements or  news about your event here.

3. Invitation Summary :

You can now get a updated report of the Invitation you sent.This will also display the number of invitees who have accepted, rejected or read your invitation.

December 04, 2007

  1. Select the “Discount Code “from the Event toolbox.


2. Enter “ Click here to Add new discount codes”

  1. Enter the following details –
  1. Discount Code
  2. Discount Amount
  3. Discount Applicability
  4. Discount Code Start time
  5. Discount Code End time
  6. Discount details

Save the details. You can also add multiple discount codes as per your requirement.