July 17, 2014

The world of online events planning business has got a boost with the arrival of event planning online software. Here are a few benefits that software offers to the online events planning business:


The online events planning software offers round the clock access to events and forms, either through a mobile device, or your computer or your laptop. This has brought magnificent changes in the manner events are planned and arranged.


You get the benefit of instant payment collection. The registration fee for any event can be collected in your account. It will not take more than few seconds. Online payment management services will make the online payment handling very easy. Everything related to payment transactions will be streamlined.


The online event management software schedules all events listed and time them accordingly. It doesn’t matter how many events are listed on the timeline sheet. All of them will be scheduled as and when these happen. You will be keeping the track of all events.

Search for the online event planner company and give boost to your business. The online event planning software has brought revolution in events management business. The innovation is happening. To know more about the event planning online software, click on: www.eventsbot.com.

July 10, 2014

The world is becoming technologically advanced with every passing day. All credit goes to advanced technologies that are paving the way into real time settings. The latest thing now is online events ticketing software. This software can make real difference to hosting of the events and meetings.

Selling events or shows tickets with the help of events ticketing software has made life easy for the event planners as well as attendees. If you are aware of the features and tools provided in software, obviously, there are number of advantages lined up for you. Whether you have the plans to host one event, or multiple events at any time of the day or night, events ticketing and management software can do it. You don’t need to get concerned about anything.

The best thing about online events ticketing software is that you can set the price tickets at your will. The ticket price can be set on basis of location as well as the event. Setting the price of event ticket is not a cumbersome job. It just takes matter of minutes. The best part is that you can also offer discounts, and the attendees will definitely like to go for them. Finally, make sure you shop and compare the features of events ticketing software. Choose best one out from card of odds.

July 07, 2014

Event management software is a small genie out there that can help you to publish and manage the events efficiently. But, did you know that you can also schedule your events by sitting in comfort and luxury of your home or office. That’s true! Whether it is about planning a meeting or any event, the event management software will bring you lot of options and you will see your business rising up.

And the best part is still to come. You can arrange any number of tickets without any hassle. All that it takes is a click of mouse button and everything will be scheduled just the way you wanted. Scheduling the events in line with the geographical timelines can also be done. Event planners can change the time schedules of events, seminars or meetings as per their convenience.

eventsbot is superb online meeting registration software designed for the event planners to ease their efforts. The software offers plenty of options to event planners to host their events in a remarkable way. You can explore the features included in software and bring difference to your business.

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June 27, 2014

Do you want to increase your business revenue from events management? Do you want to make your business move to global levels? It is only possible if you start thinking of implementing online events management software. The software comes with several features. Let’s take a thumbnail view of these features for general understanding.

The events management software is designed with the purpose to provide good interface to your attendees to book the tickets at their very own comfort levels. The software also has capabilities to pay and receive the payments in all currencies. Comprehensive event management software is connected to the safe and secured payment gateway system making everything easy.

The software can easily handle any amount of attendees. You can also have an automated reporting system that would help you to analyze how many tickets have been sold and what is the latest status. Many online events management software also offer the interface for branding. You need to check out the features that are relevant to your events management business before going for it.

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June 21, 2014

The concept of promoting and publishing events, or conferences or shows has undergone massive changes, and these changes are the result of online event management software. The software offer event planners with several merits. These include:


Easy communication with the attendees

The online event management software provides event planners ability to interact with your target attendees. All aspects of events can be arranged and planned in a subtle way and details of the events are then communicated to attendees.  In short, an effective communication is created.


Data analysis

The software will help event planner to analyze data of attendees to know what information attendees are likely to search about an event or conference or any show.  This type of data analysis will help the event planner to plan out the event accordingly, and in advance.


Safe mode of payment transfers

Another merit of the software is that it provides quick and safe mode of payment transfers. This provides peace of mind to the attendees as well as event planners.

Get started to promote your events online and control the global business.

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