October 12, 2016

Are you ready for another conference to be organized under your brand auspices? It can stand out and strengthen the image of your business if everything goes well and to make sure that it does, here are few things to follow:

Fortify the social angle – Using your conference management software, you can popularize the event on social media accounts, your monthly newsletter and emails. Promote a hashtag on your website blog section.

Include a theme – It is a creative practice to organize events by theme. Attendees like to go for events that are in tune with certain ideas. For instance if your conference is being organized at the beginning of autumn, the season can be the theme for décor and refreshments.

Create continuity – If conferences are regularly organized by your company, it is good to connect one with the next. With this your attendees can see the bigger picture and consider the series as a whole, rather than as segregated components. To unite events you can create a networking community through your event management software and platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also host a review on Google Hangouts, or develop a newsletter to inform subscribers on the speakers, workshops, and other highlight at each event.

Try incorporating these points for the conference and get involved with your attendees to solicit their feedback too.

September 13, 2016

The advent of conference and event management software has totally transformed the way events were managed and run. Today with the help of multifarious software and technical updates, many organizers and planners are streamlining their tasks and making more successful events. Planning has always been a stressful task but with the growing demands of the audience in pretext of analytics and engagement, the bar is raised substantially.

When it comes at picking up the best choice, following things should be clearly analyzed:

Mobile Support:

The reality is that most of your attendees use mobiles for booking the events and scheduling their event diary. This makes it a prerequisite to make sure that the software has a well supported mobile app which is present across major OS like android and iOS. This will enable the planners as well as the users to download and plan the events with ease.

Attendee Management

Both the speakers and the attendees share their personal details on the website or the application. Hence integration of various measures to ensure data security is one of the mandate for popular event management software. Managing attendees during and before events can be huge task and often leads to ambiguity.

Event Marketing

Some software comes with an option to integrate the website analytics in to the system and identify the visitors’ behaviour. This will help in channelling the right strategies for  promotions and marketing of the events.


August 31, 2016

The right type of marketing can ensure that an event garners the most relevant and the most number of audience for your event. It can help create a wow factor and buzz around your event and earn for you registrations that are involved and engaged in your event.

A multi-pronged marketing effort can ensure that the attendees are talking pre, during and post event about your brand.
Email marketing is huge today with more than 75% of brands making use of this tool for event promotion. But only 50% of these are able to use the medium successfully.

1. Make good use of an online email marketing system to manage your email database effectively.
2. Comply with CAM SPAM regulations and privacy regulations and give the user choice to opt out of the mailing updates.
3. Design an email that is in synchronization with your company culture, brand image and event objective.
4. Make use of online event management system, to maximize registrations by the effective use of email management, automate emails, update email accounts and more online modules.
5. Constantly review email reports to see and assess click rates and bounce patterns to further optimize the campaign.

You can also test and tweet your email campaign across other online platforms to ensure maximum online visibility. Use free event registration software to invite more people to your event.

July 19, 2016

Excel spreadsheets are a popular go to for many business professionals to do different works. The actual story of spreadsheets can be dated back to the era of 60s and 70s. Academics in that era were in need of a speedier way to calculate financial transactions and spreadsheets were actually the first “killer app” among all computer programs. This can be attributed to their ease of use and power. It quickly caught on and the 80s and 90s saw that the program was being used industry wide by professionals for management of all kinds of data – be it text or numerical.

Although initially the app was exclusively meant for financial and account service professionals, we have been using computer and spreadsheets for long and it seems they have been around since the advent of computers. Thus, similar to other industries, spreadsheets were also adapted by event management professionals to maintain data and records for schedules, event planning, guest lists and budgets and more.

Since long time many event management professionals can be seen using this excel app for business management processes of event organizing and this can primarily be attribute to two reasons. The primary reason is the ease of customization and flexibility provided by spreadsheets for storage of any and all kinds of data. The second reason can be the fact the spreadsheets app is simple to install, is relatively inexpensive and there is no need of much of training to use basic features.

But the event management business processes have evolved over time and this coupled with the advent in newer technology and online event management software, the limitations of spreadsheets and aligned templates are increasingly becoming apparent. Businesses are in need of improved and faster ways for storage, convenient and quicker access and manipulative element of the event data. These new-age needs of event management highlight the limitations of event management spreadsheets. Here we look at the top few drawbacks of using spreadsheets in event management business.

The FIRST drawback is that these spreadsheets require a lot of time to be set up and equally lot of time to be maintained up to date. In a spreadsheet, it is time consuming to chart out an event budget template and also to plan a schedule. Additionally time is also required to add data and feed in information in these templates. Many-a-times, it is required to navigate on the sheet, field by field, or column by column to put in specific data type. This also restricts the ease and speedy bulk changes in selected part of the sheets – making the whole process slow and tedious. The app as such is low cost to purchase and install but as they say time is money and this app takes up a lot of time.

The SECOND drawback that is mostly overlooked is the fact that originally these spreadsheets were designed to cater to the resolution of accounting and financial data and not event details. How can one expect a justified job delivery from an accountant if we ask him to store expenses and revenues by utilizing a room layout program? This tool was inherently designed for accounting and financial purposes and how can one expect it to perform and ease up processes of event management business. These days with online software for event management and specific modules for attendee and guest management, planning schedule, calendaring, email, invites, task managers, one does need spreadsheets. Online event software is any day a better tool to manage an event rather than an excel template.

The THIRD drawback is that these spreadsheets cannot be used to store critical guest data as they can be easily accessed and password hacked, thus compromising a lot of sensitive and confidential data. Thus there is a risk of fraudulent activity. Similarly, there is a problem of accidentally putting in wrong information.

Instead of generic spreadsheets, it is always a safer bet to invest in online event management software that you can custom use as per your needs.

June 29, 2016

Event planner!

One of the most demanding and evolving job. One has to be quite adept at becoming a part of this evolution in order to stay relevant in this job. Fortunately the modern day era is full of tools and technical advanced conference registration software which make the process an enriching experience for the planners. Before you take the plunge, here are few traits which make Modern day event planners a different tribe than its predecessors:

In love with Data

Data should be the best friend of the Event planners. Every decision should be made based on facts and figures. The necessity translates into the need to identify ways to quantify and learn from the efforts as a planner. Modern Event planners always use quantifiable metrics to determine the decisions in order to have real impact.

Incorrigible Lister

One of the traits which is particular to the Event planners is their love for lists. They usually think in terms of checklists, bullet points and action items. But that might not be the case for everyone involved in the planning process. When delegating tasks, ask your team to rephrase what’s being asked in the form of a list to ensure that absolutely nothing is being misunderstood.

Make events green again

The 2016 Event planners are shifting more towards greener alternatives. Increasing number of planners are asking for greener and more sustainable options available and integrating into their events. This can actually become one of the selling points of the events.

Be creative

One of the most important trait in a successful event planner is to never lose sight of creativity around. Stay creative by looking inspiration outside of the event world.

Never Stop learning

Investing in knowledge acquisition always works in favor of your professional growth. Volunteering time with industry organization or signing up events and trade shows can bring about a great deal of knowledge building.

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