February 01, 2016

It’s obvious – the event mangers who keep moving up the success curve are focused, resolute and decisive. They plan well and have a well defined strategy to stick to their plans. We know that working on time management too brings success only when one is determined not to lose focus.

And how do decisive event managers practice this trait? Here are their three typical habits that you too can inculcate:

Do only what you are good at: This seems a little negative at first thought but being a jack of all trades really gets you nowhere. Single -tasking is the new multi-tasking. If you focus on one thing – the one that you are best at and have practical experience of, success will eventually follow. In a team of event coordinators, each member should be assigned a specific task that she/he is most competent for.

Keep a diary of your ideas: An idea can strike anywhere – when you are working on your desk, when you are in the kitchen or simply spending some leisure time in your garden. At the end of the day or anytime that suits you personally, it is wise to jot the best ones in your diary. They may come handy in the organization and promotion of your next event.

Use technology: Everyone is doing that to save time, efforts and money. We make payments online, do banking transactions and keep in touch with friends through customized digital technology. Why not have a free event planning software online? It can save you lot of time that is spent on doing repetitive or tricky tasks.

Keep planning, promoting and optimizing events. Stay tuned for more updates.

January 01, 2016

Social networking channels are a great platform for the event organizers and managers to increase event attendance, streamline the registration process and most importantly, obtain the right kind of background information that many fail to gain. Despite the numerous benefits and advantages, social registration may not be useful for everyone as often people fail to understand how it can be used in an optimum manner. As per many market experts, event organizers are turning to social platforms to get at the rich and personal data.

Many times, the different social registrations eliminate the need for attendees to create an individual account and go through the long process of filling a registration form. Social network just asks the attendees to agree to share their personal information with the event organizer and get going in seconds. Along with this, there are many benefits for the organizers too who promise to offer the social registration option to attendees.

In many ways it even makes a somewhat arduous process easy for the customers of the event organizers. This way they can easily use social networks to authenticate the individuals while personalizing the programming and services involved. This is also very helpful in developing much more targeted marketing programs and identify new constituencies.

December 01, 2015

In today’s modern world, we can easily communicate directly with the customers using various social media platforms; and we can talk and share information using different channels. With advanced options like these, if often becomes difficult to understand why go to the effort and expense of hosting a live customer event or conference?

The fact is live events and conferences provide a powerful and effective way to improve the customer relationships, build personal loyalty and strengthen your personal reputation. Most importantly, it plays a great role in creating a buzz around the newly launched products or services. In the light of an increasing dependence on advanced communication systems via mobile and social media, the conferences provide an excellent way of fostering personal relationships with the customers and suppliers.

The live conferences pay utmost emphases on face-to-face communication which others channels fail to offer. On the other hand, the well-organized conferences utilize latest technology to run seamlessly and work to strengthen your brand and build loyalty, increase sales, and generate referrals all together. Live conferences even play a great part in helping business owners’ network with customers or industry experts. No wonder, the connections can lead to innovation, opportunities, and important partnerships.

December 01, 2015

The event management industry has evolved very quickly and it makes a quite lot of sense to have updated information circulate. So, it is best advised to implement innovative and advanced marketing tips to your events for complete success.

Social Proof

Get in touch with your past event attendees and highlight their testimonies to showcase the world how worthwhile it is to attend your events. Just in case your registration numbers are a bit substantial, add a quick counter button to your site as people start registering.

Promote your Location

How about promoting the location of your event? Well, never underestimate the power of a location as it does matter, and for all good reasons. If you have an attractive event location, tap into its positive features to spread the word.

Advance Planning

True, not everyone has a couple of months to start planning in advance, but just in case you have, it’s bliss. Most importantly, the sponsors generally like to have over 10 – 12 months in advance notice to get on board for an event. Creating a promotional calendar can be helpful!


No matter how old or new your event is, always maintain a blog that puts the focus on the possible purposes, goals, and educational aspects. Apart from boosting the organic search results around the event, it will also act as a promotional campaign.

November 14, 2015

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