December 11, 2014

Are you a traditional event planning company and struggling to come out from jargonized reporting structure? Do you want to make your events management business run well? Do you want to increase the profits from sale of events tickets? You need to seriously think of switching your business to online mode.  With the help of cloudbased event management software, you will take your business to professional levels. Here are few benefits of using the online event management software:

  • You give your attendees the flexibility to make the choice of their event from anywhere
  • Attendees can book the tickets of their favorite events at a click of a mouse
  • You get the advantage of receiving the payments through a secured online payment gateway system.
  • Create your event and publish it any time and that too without any hassles

eventsbot is the latest, advanced and user-friendly event registration and scheduling software available around to make the tasks of event management companies easy and time efficient. It is a comprehensive online software system with plenty of business oriented features.  The software provides not just event registration and scheduling, but also promotion on the social media websites.

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December 05, 2014

Are you following a very cumbersome ticket booking software? It is time to re-think. Your solution lies with the online event ticketing software. The online event ticketing system comes with virtuous benefits:

  • Secured online payment system – The software has an integrated payment gateway system that will help event planners to receive the payments into their account absolutely hassle free. All it takes for payment transfers is just matter of few seconds.  After payments are received, an automated message is generated and sent.
  • Quick and correct report generation – Event planners will not only enjoy selling event tickets, but also track the sales of their tickets. An email alert is also sent on purchase of attendee registration and ticket purchase.
  • Customization option – The online event ticketing software will customize the event tickets in different categories, depending on the price, attendee types, etc.

eventsbot is a purely innovative, creative and functionally rich online event ticketing software, helping event planners across the globe to meet their specific events related requirements. The software offer event planners uniquely easy ways to book event tickets at a click of a mouse. eventsbot has streamlined the events management business, and made it efficient.

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November 25, 2014

Hosting events can take lot of resources and plenty of time. It requires management and innovation. For events to be successful, it is also important that they are promoted efficiently.  In a modern world with rapidly changing technologies, one thing that has given phenomenal boost to event management is the event planning software. The software comes with plenty of options, and some of these include:

  • Free promotion of events on the event directories as well as the search engines.
  • Powerful reporting and management of all types of events.
  • All types of events, seminars and conferences can be handled.
  • Event planner doesn’t need to sign any contract or fill out those lengthy application forms.
  • Events can be published just anytime and from any place.

With coming of conference and seminar planning software, there is dynamic change in the manner events can be scheduled or arranged.

eventsbot is remarkable online event registration software offering easy and streamlined interface to book and list events and schedule them on time. This smart event planning software is designed to eliminate hassles in event registration and bring difference in the business. To know more about the features associated with eventsbot, visit:

November 12, 2014

Managing, or to be precise scheduling the events begins right from fixing the appropriate time, date, and venue. Scheduling also involves registration and reporting. Most of the event scheduling software also promotes the workshop, successful event planning and sharing of each detail with attendees and everyone.

A comprehensive event scheduling software has wide array of features that specifically meets your business proposition and offers plenty of benefits. The software is programmed to provide instant alerts on various events and ensure that every process is completed in time.

Hosting the conference, or a seminar, or just any purpose, with the help of events planning software everything is possible and gets simplified. Promotion of seminars and conferences is also made possible sing the advanced features integrated into system. And the best part is that events can be scheduled just anytime.

eventsbot is the most advanced, simple to us and innovative event scheduling software helping the event planners to run, manage and streamline their event planning business in a creative way. With the help of eventsbot, event planners now have unique and convenient software that can make you organize as well as mange the conferences, seminars and just everything in a smart and intelligent way. For information on the event scheduling software, visit:

November 05, 2014

Are you managing your events management business? You need to have a reliable and creative online event planning software. It is a powerful event planning and management system that can make virtual difference in your life style and work procedures. Here is the power of free event planning software:

  • It offers free event registration and management making the events business run efficiently.
  • Events, seminars and conferences can be created in stipulated time frame without the need of manually arranging anything.
  • Seminars, conferences and other events are listed simultaneously at any point of time.
  • User-friendly and dynamic interface is useful in boosting the business.
  • Promotions of events, conferences and all other events is possible in a real-time scenario
  • Maintains the outflow and inflow of attendees.

eventsbot is the smart, advanced event management software offering a realistic base to make the online event registration easy and a streamlined process. The online planning software can easily organize, create and even manage the events, conferences and just everything in a pretty simple and streamlined manner. Using the elaborate interface of eventsbot, event planners will make all the difference in event hosting, management as well as online promotion. For more information on the event planning software, visit:

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