September 24, 2015

One of the biggest and most important aspects of any conference is to ensure that the organizers meet their entire return on investment. This involves a plethora of activities which must be carried out in the best possible way. However, one major factor is to display properly the key messages of the conference so that the purpose of the event is solved.

There is a wide assortment of options available for conference screen and stage designs which play an integral part in displaying the event message. One may put on display a huge screen which must be flexible to fit in any venue. Just make sure that it complements the conference design as they are often customized as per provided specifications. Organizers may even go for wide-screens in the smaller sections of the venue so that the proceedings are visible to one and all. The columns of the screen can act as a part of the on-screen graphic design.

A wide-screen opens up an ocean of possibilities to display includes, pictures, videos, info graphics, charts, live camera footage and a lot more. Use of a suitable background slide which posses your brand name can be a great way to display the content you wish to promote.

August 27, 2015

Communication has become extremely convenient in every possible aspect of life, and the same must be included when planning or organizing an event. Integrating the right communication tactics can play a vital part in improving the ability to connect with the right people. Here are some easy ways to improve and expand communication skills as an organizer.

Efficient Emails

Email is quite important for every event planner as everyday one need to send different messages in order to make an event successfully. All your emails must be short, sweet and most importantly possess all the required information. Be polite and gracious in your tone, and just don’t beat around the bush. Get to the point as fast as possible, brief emails are always better.

Keep an Eye on Details

A great chunk of communication success floats on what others have to say. This makes it important for you to listen what others have to say on a particular topic. It will help you to know what is the client’s envision for the event. Be sure to take notes during the entire correspondence and keep the notes well organized.

Follow-up is a Must

As an event organizer, it is important for you to follow up with everyone possible. With so many things to take care of, people often forget about your event. Stay in touch with your clients, attendees, sponsors, vendors and everyone else you feel are important. This will help you earn immense goodwill and keep you updates.

August 24, 2015

Dealing with complains of the customers effectively and efficiently is indeed one of the most important soft skills of an event organizer. This becomes all the more significant particularly if the feedback comes in the middle of an ongoing event. In such a situation, the organizers get panicked and do not understand how to deal with the situation. Just in case you follow the wrong path, you will certainly lose a valued attendee. So, getting it right is the only way out.

Think Positively

This anyway may sound strange, but actually try to think of the complaint as a lesson. The attendee takes out time to give you an opportunity to fix your mistake. Respect it and take it positively to make your event successful.


Don’t be in a rush and rather make sure to gather the full facts of the situation before actually jumping in. Give enough time to the attendee to take out his frustration and calm down. This will help you find the best possible solution and outcome.

Say Sorry

Just in case you feel that the complaint made by the attendee is well justified, don’t hesitate to say sorry. Giving heartfelt apologies to the attendee will definitely lift your image in front of them, moreover they will trust you.

August 01, 2015

We have all experienced it once; the discouragement that comes from planning an event which turned out to be a flop show. There can be nothing more disastrous for an event organizer than to put countless hours of hard work and sheer creativity into work, only to feel and realize that the work done wasn’t good enough. But living with this thought forever is much more dangerous. The only key to getting over such situations is to try and understand, what actually went wrong.

Stop Living with the Failure

First off, don’t let one, two, or even a few unsuccessful events make you believe that you, yourself are a failure. The fact that Michael Jordan lost more than 300 basketball games over the course of his career, in no way stopped him from going down in history as the greatest player of all time. You can still be (and probably are) an awesome event planner, even if you have a few duds under your belt. Not every event is going to be an amazing experience, and not every event should be. Some events exist to act as valuable lessons, and the events you learn the most from, are the ones that don’t go as well as you’d like. Problems and failures represent opportunities for innovation and growth. If you learn to look at your events in this way, you’re more likely to rise to the challenge next time.

July 29, 2015

There are dozens of things that work simultaneously when planning for a corporate event. Everyone craves and strives that their event comes across as an inspirational, informative and enjoyable session for those who attend it. The attendees do not actually realise that what it takes to plan and accomplish a successful corporate event. So, if you are also planning a corporate event in the near future, here are few easy steps which will ensure your corporate event comes off without any problem.

Plan Everything

It is great to checklist everything as they help organizers to overcome every possible issue. As soon as you decide to organize a corporate event, start making checklists for everything possible no matter they are online or written in the event planner notepad.

Allocate Funds Wisely

Budget plays an integral part in making a corporate event successful. So, the organizer must allocate funds correctly and avoid over-budget in every possible area so that there is no wastage of funds. This will help you to save a great amount for other expenses.

Satisfy Attendees

Always remember that it’s just the attendees for whom you organize an event and they should be completely satisfied. Provide them with every possible material they want as this is the key to corporate event management.

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