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eventsbot makes it fast and easy to put your events on the web! Just click through your personal to create a front-to-back system for creating events. It's an empowering tool — an instant web presence for each event or meeting you plan. Send invitations via email whenever and however you wish. As attendees register on your custom web registration page, you collect key attendee preferences and fees, as well as professional, contact and billing information.

Time Saving:
Reduce the time and costs of organizing an event registration.

Online Solution:
Leverage the Internet to streamline your event registration. Solution to a paper free world of event organization

Multiple Account features:
Event registration from a simple to a comprehensive registration solution. Capture accurate information you want.

Instant Event promotion online::
Increase your event response. Manage and maintain database of your attendee profile. Generate reports and expand the invitation list for your next event

  • Write a brief summary on the event
  • Copy page the content for the event with/without images to the Text box
  • The event edit box is facilitated with the traditional editor to easy the formatting of the page.
  • “Save” the changes to close and move to “Date, Time and Location”.

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