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eventsbot is a comprehensive online event software used for making events lively and big. It is stuffed with all the good features of a professional event software, helping event planners plan all kinds of events. Whether it is planning tradeshows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, meetings, award functions or musical concerts, eventsbot is widely used all across globe as the best online scheduling software. Online registration for any such events can be completed from anywhere in the world all round the clock.

Benefits of event scheduling software:
  • Makes free online event registration quick and easy
  • Eliminates event registration hassles
  • Expedites the process of online event registration and planning for large events
  • Offers free event registration for events
  • Best for promoting events to large groups of attendees
  • Offers easy payment making and collection options
What we do?

Online event software

has made

online event registration


online ticketing

easy! eventsbot offers a unique and convenient

event scheduling

software to organize, create, and manage your events and shows in a seamless way. It offers complete

conference management

solutions to ensure that the attendees and

event planners

have a wonderful event experience. FREE Event Signup and

Event Registration

! Register your event today!
  • No Sign Up Cost
  • No Contracts to Sign
  • If No Sale, then No Pay!
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  • Basic Events are Absolutely Free
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  • User Friendly 100% Web Based (online) Application
  • No Software to Buy or Install
  • Powerful Reporting and

    Ticketing System

  • Sell Tickets

    in your Choice of Currency - USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, SGD, DKK & more
  • Collect Credit Card Payments. Receive payments instantly to your PayPal or Google Checkout account.
  • Free Promotion on various Search Engines and Event Directories

Take a Tour of eventsbot – online event registration

We have had a great time managing the events with EventsBot. When I got involved with the LifeWave Advisory Board a few weeks ago it had no way of managing the ticketing and promotion of the David Schmidt's visit to Australia. We managed to get the events online within a few hours. We chose to use the system allowing us to have the site look the same as our new web site. That took just minutes to do with a little knowledge of how to prepare a template header. The system is easy to use, quite intuitive and gives great flexibility with ticketing options and provides a full list of bookings for each event and ticket type. I can see what is happening at a glance. In short, our experience with EventsBot has been fabulous.
John R Gilbertson
Event Planning Online
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